Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hi Ya'll Our Sister called Bideford, England

Read the wonderful letter below that I received this morning ...from Bideford, England. It is such a wonderful opportunity and We really need to come together .

Hi Lorri,

It seems like we’re wanting the same things, but with 3,000 miles of ocean in between.

I’ve been excitedly reading through your OBLAN blog and can see that you’ll be an ideal creative contact in the Outer Banks area.

Here in Bideford, South West England, we’ve (my husband Dave and I) been keen to make more (artistically) of our ties, historic and contemporary, with Manteo and area. Bideford and Manteo are twinned, or will be so officially very soon. The lost colony is thought to have left England from the port of Bideford. We’ve been contacting some of the arts people in Manteo regarding some kind of arts twinning programme e.g. exhibiting Manteo area artists work in Bideford and vice versa and trying to set up artists residencies through the sister cities and have had positive responses from Laura Martier of Dare County Arts Council, Kathryn Stewart from Silver Bonsai Gallery and Sharon Enoch from the Full Moon Gallery.

I started a blog myself about this . We’re also rallying the creative people here in much the same way as you are through your blog; we’ve just set up ‘Bideford Bay Creatives’ which is only a couple of months old. The BBC have a strong network of 11 committee members and are now starting a membership drive for our launch in October of the ‘Culture Show’ which will see local artists, performers, craftspeople etc showing their wares in non-gallery spaces in Bideford’s downtown. Our website should be up and running in October also but for now it’s all go go go, to make it happen.

We can call you some time for a chat as we have a deal on our home phone where we can call the States for free.

Meanwhile do take some time to take a look at our blog and maybe add a story with a link to your blog. We haven’t as yet had any posts from any Americans so yours could be the first!

Look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes, Sadie

Sadie Green, Freelance Arts Projects Manager

Green House

Torridge St


I am telling you all now we should be screaming from the roof tops...WE are a group of amazing artists come see us ..come learn from us ...come help us put ourselves on the map like Penland, John C. Campbell, Torpedo Factory and all the other great art communities that have been built out of artistic and economic need and desire.

I am not a fancy person but I am a hard working person as anyone who knows me from when I owned my own beadstore and created the first jewelry/bead making classrooms on the Outer Banks. Before that no one thought of it...I love the Outer Banks and all the wonderful talented people we have here. From the simple Folk Art sculptures made with driftwood and shells from out beautiful beaches to the incredible classic artists that paint life on their canvases...or put that love of life into their ceramics.

I hope by the time you have read the above you understand I get it ...I love ART I love teaching people to create, enjoy and love art. So now its up to you to can happen alone...You have to come together and make the dreams come true.

The picture above is from the Manteo Farmers Market that ran from May 15 to August 15th. It was a great summer and we had so many wonderful vendors as well as people from all over come visit. If you are a artist and did not participate this summer you really should next year.


North Carolina
Studio Art Quilt Associates
VA/NC/SC region

Not all of us can be Cinderella , But some of us can be Fairy Godmothers

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why do You make Art Quilts????

Duke University has many Art quilts hanging all over the Clinic building and the hospital...After having spent the last 3 years there with my hubby, I never noticed changes in any of them...I would go and visit them when I was having a bad moment just looking at them made me feel if that is a reason to create something for them please do ...Art quilts don't glare at you they invite you in the rich colors and textures...they let you let them into your soul when times are bad . There are 3 at Duke I remember the was a large raw applique of suedes and silkes and various sagey greens it reminded me of the mountains I wanted and needed to be instead of the sterile place I was forced to be in because my sweet hubby was fighting cancer.

Sorry but I just want everyone to know art quilts in medical facilities have more meaning than you know.

I would like everyone to visit this post and leave a comment as to why they make Art Quilts .. I am just suddenly very return I will send everyone who posts a Fabric Postcard or ATC your choice. I really want to hear you..

To get the PC or ATC email your snail mail address to

Thanks and have a day ull of blessings, miracles and dreams

Not all of us can be Cinderella , But some of us can be Fairy Godmothers

Friday, July 31, 2009


You will be amazed and mesmerized by the collection of 12 inch by 12 inch pieces of art awaiting you in this years SAQA Auction...

The wonderful thing about pieces this size is the immense work is there by some of the BEST Art Quilters in the world. and everyone can find a space for something so special to hang . This artwork is capable of many things from bringing a simple smile to your face to opening your heart to things in life you need to see.

So visit the site today and see what awaits you will be glad you did.


North Carolina
Studio Art Quilt Associates
VA/NC/SC region

Not all of us can be Cinderella , But some of us can be Fairy Godmothers

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hatteras Island Quilters First Show July 30-31,2009

Hatteras Island Quilters will have a first quilt show on Thursday and Friday, July 30 and 31 at the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club on Light Plant Road in Buxton.
On Thursday, July 30, the show opens at noon and closes at 4 PM. On Friday , July 31 the show opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm.
Admission is Free.

the above was copied from a notice in the Coastland Times.

Quilting is just not functional Bed Quilts anymore. There are those traditional quilts that will keep you warm and then there are pieces that are Art Quilts that hang on a wall as decoration. Quilts are painting with fabric, and creating something that warms your heart and soul.

A quilt is simply anything that is three layers, a layer of fabric, then batting , and finally another fabric. Then either hand stitched or machine stitched (quilted)
for durability.

So many people have different ways of quilting some use scraps in "green" quilts recycling whatever they have around...and then there are ones who use ready made fabrics, and last but not least Hand Dyed fabrics...that turn out exquisite beautiful colors.

So if you get a chance to go to this quilt show or visit the Outer Banks Antiques and Quilts shop which sells supplies as well as finished pieces both old and new, you won't be disappointed.

Be prepared to smile

Monday, June 22, 2009

Artists Wanted

The Outer Banks has many wonderful things...But I think our local art is above and beyond so many places I have been, This islet of people probably has more artists per square mile than many places and I know as much as asheville the outer banks ugly step sister. Don't get me wrong ...I love that area and the mountains but if you go to any tourism site for North Carolina that is all they support. Not the Outer Banks and People we need to pull together and create our version of the Torpedo Factory in Old Towne, Alexandria I was in High school when that place started in a graffitti covered, dirt filled concrete building...and it was amazing.

To be able to walk in there and see the artists working in their studios.
They weren't having fancy parties they were getting together, cleaning the building creating a place for all artists to get together and share the experience of ART with everyone. Now 35 years later the Art Center is known around the WORLD.

The amount of Artists in all the amazing mediums we have here on the Outer Banks , I know with work and collaboration we can create our art center that will save the Outer Banks, as our fishing and beaches are over regulated and people who have no understanding of how this wonderful place came into existence and how it has been saved and maintained so everyone could come visit and see what a real community is about. If you are interested in helping this come to life...then post a comment and leave your email address or email me direct at

We can do this ....The Heart of the Outer Banks is ART.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inspiration is in Bloom

Sometimes as Art Quilters we get in a rut about our style or the image that we are using...

Its like Uncle Giuseppe and his zuchini garden....Uncle Giuseppe grew the largest, most flavorable zuchini...and more than he could use for his everyday He would fill a basket every day and walk the street giving out his extras to his neighbors. At first they were very glad to get them and have something extra to stretch the budget . But after a while they figured you could only prepare zuchini so many ways. One neighbor trying to get Uncle Giuseppe to grow something else or in addition to his zuchini bought him some squash and tomatoe seeds. But Uncle G would not have any of that. Till one day someone took him to the local farmers market where he met a young lady who made wonderful salads from zuchini , squash and tomatoes.

Uncle G was so impressed he went home and expanded his garden to add those vegetables.

Now everyone was happy because they now had yellow squash and tomatoes too and Uncle G learned that it was great to mix things up a bit.

So where is this going??? learn to add new things to your repertoire.....get inspiration you can only create so many funky quilts, and cubist quilts or whatever. but add some squash or tomatoes not literally and you may find something wonderful. Walk outside see the trees and their different greens as they bloom out. or the color of the ground when it rains for the first time in a while. Watch a sunrise and see many hues in the beams.

All of this is here on the Outer Banks right now to inspire you....


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Collage Mania Auction raise money for American Cancer Society 2009
This is a piece I created to honor my husband and many friends who are battling Cancer right now. It is a collage of fabric with the tree painted in a process I call PAS, then layered with sheer fabric and quilted. The fabrics I used I have been collecting for years...I originally used this process to Create some ATC size art which is posted on the blog also there are 6 different. But I love the bigger one 8 x 10 inches.Please help Virginia Spiegel make her goal of $20,000 dollars for this auction as it will be her last fiberart for a cause and she has already managed to raise $170,000 over the last few years she has put the auctions together.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Simple Life of the Outer Banks

In the winter the Loons or properly known Cormorants show up to winter in our area.

I love to watch them in their simple sleek forms sunning themselves or swimming along disappearing and reappearing yards away with a tasty little fish in their mouth.

They can quickly bring a smile to a passerby and make them think how simple life can be.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

These are examples of some of my work

These are a couple of pieces I created the fish is a multple layer of crazy quilting covered with a sheer fabric then cut out and machine stitched to the base. Embellished by hand with emroidery stitches and beads.
The quilt is 45 inches by 45 inches and is called "Message in a bottle" It was created using a collection of fabrics that I have had in my stash for years. If you look inside the bottle you will sew the fabric there are messages of Hope and dreams. It is embellished with pieces of shell and driftwood collected from my many walks on the beach, and bits of roving to resemble sea weed and seafoam. I hung this quilt for the first time in Priceless Treasures Quilt Show last year which is a annual event sponsored by the Teacup Quilters and Roanoke Festival Park.

Art is the Heart of the Outer Banks

This May I will celebrate 10 years of moving to one of my favorite places on the earth. I became a member of SAQA: Studio Art Quilt Associates, last year a organization celebrating it 20 years of promoting and creating the understanding of Art quilts and the uniqueness that can be celebrated with fabrics.

The Outer Banks also known as Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills , Nags Head, Manteo and Hatteras.

This is a place of amazing sights and history and much of it has been recorded through painting drawing , clay, writing and now fabrics.


I am hoping that other artists who love to create with fabrics in the Art Quilt world will find and join Outer Banks Art Quilts. Eventually setting up a exhibit that all could rejoice in and see what Artists can paint with fabrics.

This is only the beginning of what I know will be a wonderful time here on the Outer Banks and beyond.
I have spent my last 10 years trying to promote Art and Creative abilities of all here on the Outer Banks. I owned the largest and most popular bead store for 5 years, and were the first to offer teaching in Basic Jewelry Making (free classes) Off Loom Beadwork stitches, Wire Wrapping for seaglass, Polymer Clay work. Everything was done on a walk in basis so there was never any reason for someone not find out they could be creative. I worked with local church youth groups, Girls Scouts and much more. My store closed in 2005 due to location being reworked for a Staples, and since that time I have spent time creating Art quilts and fiber art Postcards and ATCs which I have sent all over the world. Now I would like to expand into helping the Outer Banks develop this wonderful niche, and give the many closet art quilters a opportunity to show their work.