Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inspiration is in Bloom

Sometimes as Art Quilters we get in a rut about our style or the image that we are using...

Its like Uncle Giuseppe and his zuchini garden....Uncle Giuseppe grew the largest, most flavorable zuchini...and more than he could use for his everyday He would fill a basket every day and walk the street giving out his extras to his neighbors. At first they were very glad to get them and have something extra to stretch the budget . But after a while they figured you could only prepare zuchini so many ways. One neighbor trying to get Uncle Giuseppe to grow something else or in addition to his zuchini bought him some squash and tomatoe seeds. But Uncle G would not have any of that. Till one day someone took him to the local farmers market where he met a young lady who made wonderful salads from zuchini , squash and tomatoes.

Uncle G was so impressed he went home and expanded his garden to add those vegetables.

Now everyone was happy because they now had yellow squash and tomatoes too and Uncle G learned that it was great to mix things up a bit.

So where is this going??? learn to add new things to your repertoire.....get inspiration you can only create so many funky quilts, and cubist quilts or whatever. but add some squash or tomatoes not literally and you may find something wonderful. Walk outside see the trees and their different greens as they bloom out. or the color of the ground when it rains for the first time in a while. Watch a sunrise and see many hues in the beams.

All of this is here on the Outer Banks right now to inspire you....


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