Monday, June 22, 2009

Artists Wanted

The Outer Banks has many wonderful things...But I think our local art is above and beyond so many places I have been, This islet of people probably has more artists per square mile than many places and I know as much as asheville the outer banks ugly step sister. Don't get me wrong ...I love that area and the mountains but if you go to any tourism site for North Carolina that is all they support. Not the Outer Banks and People we need to pull together and create our version of the Torpedo Factory in Old Towne, Alexandria I was in High school when that place started in a graffitti covered, dirt filled concrete building...and it was amazing.

To be able to walk in there and see the artists working in their studios.
They weren't having fancy parties they were getting together, cleaning the building creating a place for all artists to get together and share the experience of ART with everyone. Now 35 years later the Art Center is known around the WORLD.

The amount of Artists in all the amazing mediums we have here on the Outer Banks , I know with work and collaboration we can create our art center that will save the Outer Banks, as our fishing and beaches are over regulated and people who have no understanding of how this wonderful place came into existence and how it has been saved and maintained so everyone could come visit and see what a real community is about. If you are interested in helping this come to life...then post a comment and leave your email address or email me direct at

We can do this ....The Heart of the Outer Banks is ART.