Saturday, March 28, 2009

Collage Mania Auction raise money for American Cancer Society 2009
This is a piece I created to honor my husband and many friends who are battling Cancer right now. It is a collage of fabric with the tree painted in a process I call PAS, then layered with sheer fabric and quilted. The fabrics I used I have been collecting for years...I originally used this process to Create some ATC size art which is posted on the blog also there are 6 different. But I love the bigger one 8 x 10 inches.Please help Virginia Spiegel make her goal of $20,000 dollars for this auction as it will be her last fiberart for a cause and she has already managed to raise $170,000 over the last few years she has put the auctions together.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Simple Life of the Outer Banks

In the winter the Loons or properly known Cormorants show up to winter in our area.

I love to watch them in their simple sleek forms sunning themselves or swimming along disappearing and reappearing yards away with a tasty little fish in their mouth.

They can quickly bring a smile to a passerby and make them think how simple life can be.